What's best for street photography? A 21 or a 28mm?

Hey guys. Between 28mm and 21mm I find that 28mm is "easier" and 21mm makes you work for it. I find that working harder gives you "better" results. I would advise using a 21mm with no distortion as I find that the distorted look is tiring... I guess this is another plus for 28mm; less distortion.

I used 21mm and my iphone for all the pictures in here :

Thank You Shanghai – Fistful of Books
I have been thinking something similar. Yes, as people have mentioned, 21mm is not a common choice, but if you can make it work you might end up with something out of the ordinary.

LChanyungco, your pictures are great.
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I don’t think it matters. If a 21, 24, or 28mm falls into your lap then I am sure you’ll make great photos with any of them. It just takes practice. Difference is camera to subject distance and inclusion of background. It’s easier to zone with a wider lens but you would need to get closer. Some people feel more comfortable with a farther away shooting distance. I think a 28mm can do it all.
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