ZM Biogon f2 35mm perfect 35mm RF lens? Show your examples

I may be mistaken, but I remember a RFFer (Nakebia may be or something like that), whose work I admired, that said it is too warm (or too cold?)
I never understood what's wrong
To my eyes it is perfect

Out to Lunch, on Flickr. Tet flower market in Le Van Tam Park, Saigon. January 2019. Epson R-D1x - Zeiss Biogon 2/35.

Out to Lunch, on Flickr. A Chinese made tricycle used to transport Tet flowers to the downtown markets. District 2, Saigon. January 2019. Epson R-D1x - Zeiss Biogon 2/35.

Out to Lunch, on Flickr. We are approaching Tet or Lunar New Year and it was time to buy orchids. Downtown Saigon, January 2019. Epson R-D1x - Zeiss Biogon 2/35.
I tried the Biogon for two rolls, wide open it's a bit soft ,coma is quite obvious under certain condition. Other than that, it's a really good lens.


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I see definite "3D pop" in this shot, as well as most others shots by Yokosuka Mike! I know it's partly due to mike's composition, placing the "popped" subject very close to the camera; but when 3D pop happens, it seems the lens was most likely a 35mm Biogon! Sometimes it's a c Biogon, and sometimes the f/2!
The ƒ/2 Biogon is optimized for ƒ/2.8 and some veiling flare & focus shift present wide-open. My personal preference is for the 35 C Biogon, the sharpest and most flare-resistant 35 out there, aside from the Distagon. I prefer it to all newer Leica 35's.
I loved this lens when I had it. I used to shot it at F2.0 when I wanted a soft style and f4 when I wanted razor sharp. It's a lovely lens.
I missed this thread first time around, and now having re-surfaced, and having seen the pictures, I can't wait to shoot with this lens. Bizarrely, I have this lens, and have had so since it came out, but I have never shot with it! Unfortunately, mine now needs servicing - the lubricant has all jammed up and the focussing is horribly stiff.

Looking at the pictures, I can see the 3D pop - but only if it has been shot on film - it seems a dream on Portra and T-Max. Can anyone see the pop on a digital sensor? Would be interested to hear which film you have found it ideal to be paired with; with digital it just seems to demonstrate it's innate micro-contrast capabilities. Thanks!