ZM Biogon f2 35mm perfect 35mm RF lens? Show your examples

on the M10

By dumb luck the first RF lens I ever bought was a 2/35 Biogon, so most of my RF photography—film or digital—has been with this lens. I like it for it’s sharpness and it’s contrast. It can be a bit hazy (coma?) at F2, but unless it’s low light, that’s good for casual portraiture anyway IMO.
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A recent example shot in challenging light. Fortunately the Leica 262 is not too bad at high sensibility. This one is wide open, and although the subject is off-center the sharpness is sufficient.

I missed this thread first time around, and now having re-surfaced, and having seen the pictures, I can't wait to shoot with this lens. Bizarrely, I have this lens, and have had so since it came out, but I have never shot with it! Unfortunately, mine now needs servicing - the lubricant has all jammed up and the focussing is horribly stiff.

Looking at the pictures, I can see the 3D pop - but only if it has been shot on film - it seems a dream on Portra and T-Max. Can anyone see the pop on a digital sensor? Would be interested to hear which film you have found it ideal to be paired with; with digital it just seems to demonstrate it's innate micro-contrast capabilities. Thanks!

Portra 400, Cinestill 800t, and Acros 100 before it was discontinued, I have not shot the "new" Acros 100 yet.