Oregon Anybody Here?


Local time
11:08 PM
Jan 23, 2021
The PNW/PDX area club seems to have fallen asleep. I live on the coast, Astoria, and wonder if there is any interest in starting this group up again. We are united by location and interest. Is there enough interest to start meeting if only to tell lies, drink coffee or stronger and share tales of failures and successes?
You're a good distance, too. Maybe we can scare up some more folks and get together at a McMenamin's for burgers and drinks and some shutter chat. I'd enjoy it and maybe something good could come of it. A little "Show and Tell" and whatever.
Well, it does not look like we will get a quorum. Hopefully there will be an interested person or so in the near future. Otherwise we will just have to say we tried and failed.