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Richard Black

I know this is titled Central South Texas, but I live north of the Red River and travel to Big D frequently. Is there a moderator or a leader in this group?
Wow, another Okie. If you ever head east, stop in Tulsa. I'll meet ya down at Arnie's for a pint.

"Backalley photo" is the moderator of the forum.
Too Close

Too Close

I grew up in Cleveland, Ok. a little burg just N.W. of your fair city. I lived in Sapulpa for 12 years and spent many hours at the Tulsa Zoo with my kids. I don't know where Arnie's is. Let me know, please
Hey guys, I live 50 miles southwest of Dallas in Granbury, TX. However, my work takes me all over the DFW metroplex. There is not many on this forum that are from this neck of the woods.
Grandbury is a great town to burn some film in. I met with some guys from Texas and Ok for meeting of Russian camera collectors at Turner Falls in southern Ok a year or so ago. Maybe we could schedule a meeting there to take some film of the falls and eat some bbq. Any other ideas?
Weighing in here with another voice from Dallas---- I would be interested definitely in meeting with some others to discuss Russian RFs, over a litre or two of vodka, of course.


Say this group is coming alive. Responses from 2 in Dallas and 2 in Ok. Since the weather is so unpredictable at this point, I just want to propose a meeting sometime later in the spring. Some of the members of CVUG in San Fran got together and reportedly had a great time. I know another fellow that has a great collection of Kiev RF gear, including a beautiful Orion 28mm. Just some ideas. :cool:
Yea, a meet up would be great. I don't own any Russian cameras yet, my Yashica obsession is getting out of hand and I don't think I can afford to add another continent to my wish list.:)

Richard, Arnie's is downtown at 2nd and Elgin right beside the blue dome. Most of the band photos on my site were taken there.
I am familiar with 2nd and Elgin. My wife and I enjoy the blues and have attended several concerts at The Old Lady on Brady. Boy would I like to take the Bessa R with Ilford's Delta 3200 and shoot some photos there. Let's think about getting together some time in late March or early April. I have some Soviet rf cameras in addition to a Leica and the VC Bessa R. Have you seen the messages from those in Baja Oklahoma, i.e. south of Red River. Keep me posted!
Do any of you Texicans or Okies ever travel to the US ? Any border crossing troubles ? :)

I uster govaroo malinky Ruskavo yazika (sorry). I have a Fed Elmar on the way for my IIIC, but I guess my interest is more in photography than cameras. Anybody aspiring to a next generation digital Leica or Epson CV?

I'm in Albuquerque.
:rolleyes: I travel outside the U.S. on occasion. My wife and I hope to vacation in the wonderful country of New Mexico this summer and visit Santa Fe and your fair city. Ya govoru nemnoga parusski tozhe. I have a Leica IIIc with an Industar 50, colapsible and really love it. Besides the Bessa R, it is the next most used rangefinder in 35mm I have. Do you ever cross the border?
Well, its too hot here. I fear leaving a camera in a car because it would melt. How does this fall sound to everyone? Late September in Dallas or some other location would be cooler. We just need to pick a photographic place.
The river walk festival is in Shreveport, La. in Sept but probably to far for most of you. Some really good street photos here. 4 hrs. from Big D