From Atturri to Urola (the east part of the Cantabric Sea)


Local time
8:38 PM
Feb 9, 2009
When I was a young boy I used to go to the sea shore to walk, to listen to the Sea, to feel the "energy" that was continuously coming from the Sea, changing every day, every second...

When I get married, I went to live far from the Sea (200km)... two years after, we came back to the Cantabric Sea and now, we still live here.

From then, I'm making pictures about life around this sea and I have thought I would create a new thread, about this pictures that I have shared before in different threads. I think it is interesting to put togehter these pictures.

These pictures have been made (and will be made) in a territory between two rivers: the first one is Atturri (Adour in French) and the second is "Urola". Why the space between this two rivers, because my life in the sea shore of Cantabric Sea has been (is being) there.

I will share, sea-scapes, street, sport, feast... pictures. Life around this beautiful sea.

I hope you will enjoy them.

01: Zarautz [around 22:00]
In the first picture, I have shared a picture I made in Zarautz in summer, with a couple looking at the sunset.

In the second picture you will finde the phare of Zokoa. I made it at 21:53 (I can say it is nearly the same hour [22:00], but in this case, the picture was made in January 9th [2009]. It was winter.

02: Zokoako itsasargia [21:53]
It wasn't a cold night, so a fisherman went outside to smoke a cigarette. They were looking for schools of fish, so they had free time... while the ship was going from Hendaia to the east.

03: Arrantzale bat zigarroa erretzen (A fisherman smoking a cigarette)