Konica Hexanon L 35mm f2


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3:24 PM
Mar 9, 2013
Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has the chrome version of this lens: Konica Hexanon L 35mm f2. There is not much information available online about the lens but from one review I read it is pretty much the same optically to the UC ltm version. That version goes for a fair bit more $$. If someone has the chrome version LTM I was wondering what it is like to use, and also what is it's weight? Is it actual chrome or just silver coating? Thanks for any assistance.
I've never used this exact version. You probably already know this, but it is the same lens as in the Konica Hexar AF. A modern 35mm f/1.8 W-Nikkor. A little barrel distortion, a lot of focus shift, doesn't focus that closely. Otherwise outstanding. The UC is a prettier package with a beautiful brass barrel but it's essentially the same thing. People who own these lenses typically never get rid of them.
Thanks davidde1000. Yes it is interesting lens. The images from the Hexar AF always look good, so getting the same optics in ltm/m mount would be worth it.
It's a real winner. The focus shift thing is a little annoying but the 1.8 W-Nikkor shifts the same way. The Hexar AF actually automatically adjusted the autofocus to account for the known shift. Konica never intended for this to be a standalone lens. Certain camera shops in Japan commissioned Konica to make them in small batches during the 90s. Really interesting.
Yes, both versions do have the same optical formula. I own the UC bought brand new from Japan boxed with all accessories about a dozen or so years ago for US$870 if I remember rightly. They sell second hand for 2 to 3 times that these days. The 50/2.4 L is also a lovely lens, produced in limited numbers but going for little more than a few hundred bucks. It is a real sleeper. Erwin Puts did a very positive review of it many years ago. Wikipedia has a good summary entitled "Konica lenses in Leica screw mount". Worth a read.
Funny, those are compelling arguments otherwise.
It's not a perfect lens by any means, but pre ASPH 35mm f/2 Summicrons (and Summiluxes) all shift as well as the original W Nikkor. It may matter to someone, it may not. The 0.9m min focus is true to the W-Nikkor heritage. But also, it had to work within the limits of the AF's autofocus system. It is sharp as anything. I think the UC is a fantastic and unique lens for those who want a modern M39 W-Nikkor, but if one is looking for a ASPH Summicron substitute, it ain't it.