M lens on SL


Rogier Willems
Local time
9:04 AM
Jul 7, 2008
Question about using an M lens on a SL body using an adapter.

I assume closing the Aperture will dim the viewfinder. Is this assumption correct or does the camera / evf compensate for this?
Yes, the EVF compensates. As light levels decrease, the EVF will slow the refresh using multiple passes to accumulate enough light to be viewable. At some point, as light levels go down, it makes it difficult to use the camera without fixing it to a tripod or camera stand as the view will jump around as the camera moves.

It's the same behavior with all EVF viewfinders and isn't a big problem, just something to be aware of. If the viewfinder looks jumpy, check what aperture you're using and open up a little if you can. :D