My new old Vitessa A: first impressions

I just bought a Vito with the 3.5 lens. GAS is the sickness that is spreading all over the plac.
polaski said:
Madrigal - Hardware store will have O-rings and Super Glue. I h?e also had luck with segments of shronk tubing for eyepieces that protrud with lips. The right size O-ring will fit outside the viewfinder and keep the metal away from the plastic specs.

You know, shrink tubing was the first thing I thought of. I just hadn't gotten any yet to try it out. O-rings are a great idea, too.
I got one in a "camera box" a while ago, and even though the shutter was gummed up it is a good working specimen (Skopar lens though)

The cameras are heavy and extremely well built, you'll have unlimited fun with it!!

PS. I used it with my last roll of Ilford SFX and a Wratten 89B (720 nm) opaque filter. It rocks!

PS 2022 - I was able to relube and clean the plunger, and the shutter and it is working great.
The catch for the rewind lever was broken, but an o-ring helped retain it (love the $0.05 solution)
Makes me think about my father's wonderful Vitessa with which he took so many photos over the years. After he passed away in Chile my mother sold it to a buyer who wrote a bad check. The old one is not recoverable but I may buy another one in the future to replace the lost memory.....