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Feb 24, 2024
I recently purchased a box of loose odds and ends that turned out to be mainly bits and pieces of someone's leftover Leica kit. Several filters, hoods, and other bits and pieces. But mixed in with all this was this collapsible viewfinder. It seems like it was attached to the top of an RF camera with 3 screws and would fold down flat when not in use. Just flip it up and you could easily view the scene to be photographed. Does anybody out there recognize this and know what camera it came from? Thanks,


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It very likely came off a Kodak Vigilant camera. Monitors were silver, and said Monitor on them and had the parallax correction, which that one doesn't have.

I've used Vigilant and Monitor lenses to build Kraken 612s and have reused some of those finders, esp. the 616 versions.

I just found these two images . . . . The first one was identified by the seller as a Kodak Monitor Six-16 but has a black finder with no "Monitor" written on it (is it really a Vigilent?). The second one is a instruction manual for a Senior SIX-16, also with a black finder. Could be either of these I guess as well.


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Lots of them mis-identified as Monitors that aren't. Which is kind of funny since I think they all have a name plate right below the lens.

Monitors are silver, and automatic frame advance which made the top plate bigger. That could definitely be a Senior viewfinder too.
I thought that looked familiar. I think that looks just like the finder on my Six-16. That happened to be one of the cameras I didn't include in my recent big sell-off....so I should be able to find it around here somewhere and confirm.
Yep. I kept a Kodak Junior Six-16, pristine in box with instructions, etc. that my grandmother gave me when I was young. Film was never available for it, so I just kept it in closets, drawers, etc. as I moved around in life.

The viewfinder is exactly like the one in first post. Exactly.
Correction! Apparently a Junior Six-20. The film sticker inside says, "620" and the spool is a 620 spool. So I go to find the box (in a closet and not in the display case) and sure enough, Six-20. Anyway, the finder is still the same as in OP.

Sadly, when I opened up my "new", never-used camera I found little black strips inside that came off the bellows. So unfortunate because it's beyond clean and shiny otherwise; unused.

Not sure why the black felt(?) liner slats came off. The only time this camera experienced warm, humid conditions was the just-over 2 years I spent in New Mexico. Yes, NM has very low humidity, outdoors. However, we had a swamp-cooler on our house to keep temps bearable during summer. Swamp coolers are notorious for pumping humid air into the house (but appreciably cooler than the outside air). I know some RFFers here are also NM alumni, and probably know all about that.

Funny that during Fall, Winter, Spring, when we don't run the swamp cooler, the ambient relative humidity both inside/outside the house is very low. Wood furniture takes a terrible beating. We had (still have) a desk that would crack right down the middle of the top every late fall/early winter as the wood dried out in the low humidity. During summer it would miraculously "heal" when the wood reabsorbed moisture from the air (that darn swamp cooler). Never had such stress on the furniture in any other place we've lived -- Bozeman MT (my favorite), northern CA, Puget Sound/San Juans, and western Oregon, only NM had such extreme low humidity. Such an awful place. Nobody should bother going there. It's awful and you'll hate it. Be sure to tell all your friends and family too. They'll hate NM and would much prefer Florida, South Carolina or even Hawaii. But no need to visit NM :whistle::censored: