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Derek Ross
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9:02 PM
Nov 11, 2006
There doesn't appear to be an architecture W/NW thread yet, so I'll start one...

Public Safety Building, Winnipeg

National Museum of the American Indian, Washington

Manitoba Teachers' Association, Winnipeg
Nice shots!

Here is one from me -- the Begumpur Masjid in Delhi, India:


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heres a few with the 21 Super Angulon /M2....:)


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The Chalice, Cathedral Square, Christchurch NZ. M6 25mm 2.8 Zeiss E 100 G Kodak


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This photo is not one of my most riveting of subjects but like with many images there is just something about it that I find interesting. Perhaps it is the rarity of witnessing such a clean alley or the vertical, urban canyon effect. Anyway...
Melbounre Shrine of Remembrance. I like the abstraction of this unfamiliar angle of that building, and somehow the softening effect of the sombre foreground tree makes me think of the many dead buried a long way away. Mybe I'll get it right with the next post: editing this one dosen't seem to work.
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Cannot seem to link to my Flickr. There should be a sticky pane in RFF that tells us the low down on posting images. Searching was quite unrewarding. Generally the navigation of RFF is very backward. The interface looks nice. But I am geeting thumbnails again, despite being within the site's limits. Can someone refer me to some detail on how to do this?


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Thanks a million Joe. This is an old photo, imperfectly copied, taken with a 50 summicron on Ilford FP4. Palazzo Pitti, Florence.
Nice one Richard G. What made you choose to include the rail across the foreground? I like that it creates a little action in a composition that might otherwise be just a building planted in the middle of the frame.
Thanks very much Warren. It was Florence. I took some of my best pictures there. I noticed the staining of the pilastres, making the beautiful face with perhaps not quite perfect teeth, as well as the diagonal for a bit of action as you say. Here's another, with the informal foreground element. I love these negatives. Even the sky detail is there. All of these were with sunny 16 and Leica M4-2 with 50 Summicron I bought there.