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Aug 1, 2003
Sometimes not being invisible and/or not having a dead-like quiet shutter is what makes the shot :)
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Didn't embed images, just linking to them.

Took this guy the year before in Merida, Mexico, saw him near the church every morning with various cronies, whom he appeared to sick after me after which I high-tailed it out of there (I seem to attract that sort of attention, haha):
sony dsc v1, cz at full zoom, memory stick

And most recently, this guy, on whom I tried my own b.s. skills on, but was caught red handed and failed miserable, hahaha:
m2, ZM 35 biogon, acros

Excellent posts! I really enjoyed viewing your photos. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Eye contact usually is one of those things that seem to turn a candid exposure onto another tangent, but given the theme for this thread, it's really touched on a lot of things. Some people look uncomfortable, while some don't mind at all; some offended, some delighted; and some are stoic, while others are enthusiastic. Kind of interesting how eyes are indeed "windows to one's soul."

Oh yeah, here's mine (fed 2 w/ J12).
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Underexposed :bang: out of focus :bang: then the shop admitted screwing up development :bang: (hence all the dust & hair and stuff) but do I look like I care ? If I find time, I'll be retouching some of the bigger scars.



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The bigger this picture is, the more scary the man on the right. This is a bigger version than that found in my gallery, especially for you friendly folks of RFF :)



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In the speakers corner, the girl seems more interested in RF cameras than in the preacher ;)


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modest contribution...


Eye contact with the man on the left side
I've crossed him several times on the street since, but he seems to have forgotten about the photo ;) Works in the neighborhood​
from my terrace with nikkor 70/300 (@300). The kid was staring at me with his binoculars ... so I took the camera...

Already posted in another thread, sorry if you already saw it.


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