W/NW Food

My oh my, what a collection of reasons to stuff my mouth! Wow! From the elegant to the sublime. Yes, I love street food and that roast corn got to me, reminding me of Mexico where corn originated and where it is still roasted and sold in the street pretty much like the fellow in the photo is doing.

I do not know this as fact but I have read that a visit to a traditional Chinese doctor can result in a prescription for dinner. That is to say he, or she, will tell you what to pick from the menu. And for some strange reason I always feel better after a good Chinese meal. I recently had my semi-annual physical with my doctor, who is a saint, and she is Taiwanese. She practices western medicine, and very well. I kid her a lot about things like this. I sent her these two pictures as prescription #1 and prescription #2:

Prescription #1.jpg

Prescription #2.jpg

A bowl of hot and sour soup followed by eggplant and crispy tofu. It was great, and I felt much better. But I think that was because I wasn't hungry anymore. I was feeling alright when I went in. ;o)
Biftek avec pommes frites,yes! Small green salad alongside. Man, you guys have to stop with all this great food. I haven't had breakfast yet. ;o)