W/NW Trees

super Ikonta 533/16
This is an ancient cedar growing from a crack in a rock in Big Greenwood Pond. It has no visible bark but is doing well despite having very little soil to grow in and what debris is there dries out in the summer. It looked just the same when we first went to the pond in 1982. It resembles a mahout on its elephant-like rock island. I would occasionally give it some water during dry months, but it was probably fine on its own. I always wanted to do a collection of photos of these survivor spirit trees, but never did.
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One more, a nurse log that will help start a new ecosystem of life as it decays. the small seedling trees growing on the log, if they survive, will eventually end up standing on stilt roots as the nurse finally goes away. for perspective this log is about 2-1/2 feet in diameter.