A TREAT for your Eyes... Noir at its Best

I saw John Mills once, at the bar of the Rock Hotel, Gibraltar, apparently one of his favourite haunts. In the foyer there were two delightful old ladies doing a jigsaw of the Queen with corgies. Our 'suite' had two carafes laid on, sherry for the ladies and whisky for the men.

I do wonder if it still the same.

(As an aside, when I first watched films of this age they were either projected poorly on old equipment or were on TVs with a poor picture. Time to revisit them methinks, the Third Man was on recently as was Ice Cold in Alex...)

That's quite a fun story, Thank You ~

don'r know 'Ice Cold in Ale' will have to look for it.
Thanks Helen for the link, I watched it yesterday. Excellent!
good story well made with an excellent use of light.
Thanks for the reminder Helen. I met Eric Cross once while he was interviewed. Pretty much everything listed here:
is worth watching.
Eric Cross showed me a lighting arrangement in about 45 seconds that produces incredible results and has totally saved me on numerous occasions when doing portraits in unpredictable locations with little time. A great man, and his work speaks for itself.

Lucky You Kostya, You can watch it twice ...
in mother tongue than the Brit version , wink,wink

This was my part of me learning English. Many movies I watched with Russian dubbing and after I started to travel for work I watched same movies in English at hotels rooms after work. In Finland they don't do dubbing, always original language with Finnish subtitles. More are able to speak English than in Quebec.
When movies still had a plot and a dialogue that made sense. These days flashy pyrotechnics mask a weak plot and infantile dialogue. How far we have regressed!

And WITHOUT Music so loud you can't hear yourself think, and WITH dialogue that's actually spoken at normal volume, not whispered so quietly that you have to be able to lip-read!

PS. Brit viewers: Freeview channel 81 has a lot of old films and old tv series which aren't repeated ad-infinitum on all the other channels.