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I guess he's not running for gubner.

If he was gubner Arizona and Texas make their own nation (Texarzona) and go to war and conquer Mexico. Then Texarzona could join in with Nevada (Texarnevazona) and convince all the rest of the Republicans to retire there with the condition that only white Christians are allowed. So that the orange and holiday market could be cornered and Jesus will be convinced to return Israel would be asked to join Texarnevazona as a Commonwealth. All the Mexicans could then immigrate from Texarnevazonamexico and take up residency in Palestine (Texarnevazonamexicobutwasisrael), leaving Texarnevazonamexico all white Christian and Republican. Yay! I hear Gabriel's trumpet already!

But, Sheriff Joe isn't running for gubner.

I'm from Texas, and our Gubner is way crazier than Sherrif Joe. And he's got prettier hair too.

...and he thinks he may just be President some day....

My bicycle, shot with Hasselblad 500cm, 100mm @f3.5.
The Center for Creative Photography is at the University of Arizona in Tucson, not ASU in Tempe. W. Eugene Smith was hired to be its head, but dropped dead before the semester began .
Thank you for pointing out that the photograhpy center is in Tucson which explains why we never hear about it. I was down in Tucson last spring for the camera show. my first, i enjoyed it, brought home a virus on some lenses hope it doesn't spread( ha ha). it was a small show but glad I went. There will be another in October or thereabouts. Anyway, was expecting something a lot bigger. I don't think anyone under the age of forty had a booth. :D
First, each image has to be resized downward until it is less than 200KB. Then you go to the RFF Gallery and click on "Upload Photos." A form appears. You indicate that yes, you'd like feedback, then give the photo a title, then click on "Get Photo" and if you have named it you can type in the name and your computer should grab it. Then hit upload. After that you can input image data such as camera, lens, location, etc. Then do the upload thing again, and it should appear in the Gallery.

Something like that.
Latest attempt to upload...still not working... no matter where I try to upload it from, my hard drive, Flickr, whatever. It's a jpeg file, and it's only 71kb. I get this message:

The file you uploaded was not an acceptable format.: 4656684243[1]

What gives? :bang:
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paste a link to your image at flickr so we can see what may be going on. jorge will have to look into the upload problem.