Photographing the Photographer... post yours

Two by the Sea ( she's holding him from back...)

Taitung City, southern Taiwan

Img by Taipei-metro

Canon EOS AF T4i, Canon 18-55 Lens m i Japan
Canon Std picture Sty, fie reduced fitting-
r F f
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And can anyone name the band? :)

Thanks @dmr! (y) That album cover is very memorable and I remember buying the vinyl in the 80’s I believe. That stage sign was a great hint.

Haven’t listened to it in many decades but they are a good band nonetheless.

I used to play lead guitar 🎸 in rock cover bands but I don’t remember if we did this one. When we played any Badfinger or Montrose tunes, people thought they were our originals. :sneaky:
Model on the left, photographer on the right
They were shooting around the English Rose Garden in the Harbor View Park, Yokohama
There was a casual intensity to the photographer, it was fun to watch her work​

Fujifilm X-H1, Fujinon XF 80mm f2.8 lens
Astia film simulation
Yokohama, Japan - May 2023
Image is lower resolution than original​
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