The Konica C35

Chris, I've just recently seen a couple of those (on-line) zone focused C35s. No doubt they take excellent photos too, and maybe not unlike the Olympus XA2 which some prefer to the XA. Would be fun to see. There's someone near here that posted a C35 like the one I have on CL for a crazy low price, I am tempted to look at it.

I own two of these cuties. The silver one stopped to fire unfortunately, the black one has slight transpot issues, but the output is great. So far I shot only BW, but this summer color is on the list.
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I have a black C35 Automatic. Otherwise minty, but a bit of a nuisance that my film rewind stick is flapping freely, I tried changing magnets but it didn't work.

I really like that the minimum automatic shutter speed is 1/30, I'm actually surprised it's a rare feature in automatic cameras. I can always hassle-freerly shoot hand-held, no need to tinker with film speed. In practice, it's almost always only a few stops of speed you need, and you can later pull it back in the scan.

C35 Automatic, Tri-X 400


Great pictures, especially the first one!
What a capture! That’s an Alco T6 locomotive from 1959 and that particular one (#10) of the Chesapeake Western is now at the Virginia Transportation Museum in Roanoke.

And that's where I took the photo (that's the 5th Street bridge in the background). I was the Facilities Director for three and a half years prior to getting into repairing cameras, and would often go back there to test out cameras I had either acquired, or repaired.

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From the same roll I posted from earlier, and yes, a bland image, but one that I snapped to finish the roll. I felt at the time the light would be too challenging for the camera but the C35 handled it. Ektar 100
Selfie w Ice Cream Parlor -Swings and Tilts would have been useful, or at least Tilts, but I probably wouldn't have caught the timely scowl!


Eastman Double X in HC 110 (dilution H 9 1/2 mins)