where do you buy film?

local flm cost is about 8 to 9 bucks a roll...freestyle is 2.89 a roll so with shipping it should still be way cheaper.
never say never :) i started bulk roll this year, and it is easy
once i got over the psychological "hump". Currently shooting with
Polypan F at 50 iso (!) as my street shooting film, and Arista
Premium for my studio shoot. PPF is silly cheap, usd 39 for 500ft (!),
great for general shooting at iso 50 - 200, though i am still
experimenting with 50 iso. Arista Premium is inexpensive Tri-x,
my fear is that it will run out eventually so I have stocked up
on it as well. I get my films from: ebay, freestyle and
experimental film from FrugalPhotographer as well as Ultrafine.
I live in Singapore so shipping is always a concern.
Most of my film has come members of forums like this. Good people who know film and store it cold. Good film and cheap. I like it.

local flm cost is about 8 to 9 bucks a roll...freestyle is 2.89 a roll so with shipping it should still be way cheaper.

Damn Joe, the little local camera shop in Fort Wayne only charges $5.50 for 36 exposures of Tri-X or Tmax 100 or 400. I buy most of my film from Freestyle though, because I use the Arista Premium 400.
I always thought film is way much more easily available (and more affordable) in the US, Canada and Japan than any part of the world.

Currently shooting with Kodak and Fuji film. Will try rebadged tri-x some day.
Used to be Freestyle but last few orders have been BH. Cdn prices are out of whack, except for 4x5 sheet film for some reason.
I check prices and shipping from B&H or Freestyle. B&H seems to usually have the product and the price.

I would prefer to buy in Canada but the prices are always prohibitive for some reason.
i emailed the local pro lab to get some info on film development and scanning...what developers they use etc...oh, and prices.
depending on what developers they use i will choose my film.
i'm thinking 400 iso and shooting for grain so as to differentiate the look from my rd1 images...
i am concerned as they list all their services and film is not mentioned anywhere...could be a bad sign.
I buy Arista 400 Premium from Freestyle. Quick service and very pleasant to deal with. It is worth to do a stock buy - 50 or 100 rolls as you will be surprised how fast you go through it. Stick to one film for now - later you can play around with alternatives.
I agree with you about Kodak Canada's pricing - saving $4-5/roll it wont take that many rolls until the M4P is paid for!
Mostly B&H as they now have the Purolator shipping option so no shocking brokerage fees like UPS. Occasionally Freestyle. And have also used Macodirect.de for something the others might not have. The only film I've bought in Canada has come from the classifieds, mostly expired stuff.
if i buy online i usually get color neg from bh and b/w from freestyle. ive been getting lazy lately so ive been buying tri-x from calumet since i live so close to it.
Vistek online,
Henry's online.
Also ebay - there are a few sellers of bulk rolls (ie boxes of Fuji)
There were a couple online sellers in Montreal where I could save a few pennies over Vistek but I haven't checked on them in a while.
Galaxy Camera locally has a lot of film variety too.

I'm in Ottawa.