Zeiss Biogon-ZM 25mm Pics


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5:52 AM
Sep 14, 2007
I'm waiting the delivery of ZM 25 biogon. I can't wait. I haven't ever shot a lens in this focal length before. I had a 21 for a while and I thought it was often a bit too wide too often.

Anyway, show me your 25 biogon pics. I'll be using an M2. How does this lens deliver wide open? Does contrast fall off a bit? Does it vignette a lot?
Fair enough. I just got my 25 a week ago, but will post when I get something on film.
my most used lens, I love it!
some pics:






lawa: what did you shoot the ZM 25 on? Is that film?

ZM25 is one of my favorite lenses. It has this crazy 3d look to it, super sharp. I loved it on the R-D1.
Great thread timing, I bought one of these yesterday, Tried it out on a friends M9 today and was blown away, No CA and ultra sharp. Very pleased with it
Thanks folks. Nice stuff. I have yet another 5 days to wait before my copy gets to me. I have film ready loaded in the camera. C-41 for a quick "shoot and see" exercise. I really look forward to seeing what this lens can do with slow speed b&w film with yellow and orange filters.
Everytime I see someone post shots from the Biogon25, I'm like, damn that's a nice picture! But then I was never able to use that lens as well as I would have liked. I think the focal length just isn't for me. It's sad cause how lovely this lens is. Now I have the C-Biogon21, which I absolutely love and serves me better.
The 25/2.8 is my desert island lens. Wickedly sharp rendering. I love everything about it. Except the price. And that it's 2.8 and not 2. And that I can't legally marry it anywhere in the US.



The 25f2.8 Biogon is most likely one of the best medium wide lenses made. Very high resolution, virtually no flare and very little distorsion.
The Vancouver Convention Center.
M4P, ZM Biogon 25f2.8. Fuji Presto 400, Rodinal 1:75. 16 min
Sorry don't even know the name of the building ... reflections in remaing puddles after strom "Sandy" in lower Manhatten.
2.8/25 Biogon on Monochrom :