Eastern Europe

I'll look in the archives Jan and see what I've got. Was only in Turkey once in 1971 while trying to do around the world in eighty days with a PanAm ticket. Didn't have the time an overland trip would have required. Back in the day there was a place in Istanbul that was called the Pudding Shop where travellers/hippies gathered. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo back then, but if you look up "Pudding Shop" on Wikipedia they have an old photo and history of the place, apparent it's still in business. Pudding Shop - Wikipedia
Have you heard of it?

The Pudding Shop sounds interesting, never been there, but I'm always trying hard not to do what other travellers do ;) OTOH the PanAm ticket around the world trip... now thats something!

Pan, great job, with the previous "chicken" one you don't really speak for themself, no captions needed.