Show us your recent Panoramic photos!

not really new... but . . .


I’ve owned several panoramic cameras but discovered how easy it is to make them with my iPhone and my Fuji XT-3.

The first three are from my phone and the last two from my Fuji. As you can see I use it as a tool to pester my wife. With the Fuji I’m shooting jpg and letting the camera stitch them on it’s own.


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I visited the neighborhood where I grew up on my recent trip and decided that, since I have been conversing with my old friend who grew up in the house next door, I'd take three shots and combine them into a panorama to show my grandfather's house and his father's house side by side.


My grandfather's house on the left ... All that shrubbery and such wasn't there when I lived there, it's almost invisible from the street now when the trees have their leaves. My neighbor's house looks exactly like it did way back when. Fun stuff.

This was a little experiment I did with my iPhone. I’ve done this with a Widelux I had and my Horizon and thought I’d see if it work.

About the time the phone swept across the face I’d have my wife turn her head. Some wild effects can happen.


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lovely thread and beautiful Images.
I bought my X-pan 2 a long while ago. But I had recently seen something has changed totally of the value of this camera. The prises has gone way way high in the market and I can't imaging if I can buy this camera fro those prises. Yes in one way it is a unique camera has a great look in the many aspects of all the images that comes from that lens in to the cinematic format.

Thank you for all of your visions you shared here and this is mine..


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