Philippines Filipino RF users!!!

Another Pinoy here. I'm connected with a digital agency based in Ortigas Center that specializes in corporate/investor communications. We do a lot of annual reports, corporate brochures, web sites and other digital collaterals.

Afterhours, I shoot with an Olympus Trip 35, a Canon QL17 GIII, or a Lumix DMC-L1.

I upload some of my work here:

I've already signed up for the yahoogroups which I discovered by accident. Hope to meet some of you one of these days.

Hello again

Hello again


Medyo matagal na since the last time I visited this site. I think way back in 2006 pa. Anyway, I live in Georgia, USA. I been shooting film, then digital but now nakita ko na naman yung film camera ko at naging interested na naman ako.

Hi guys I'm also new here and my 1st RF is a VC R3a w/ 40 1.4 Nokton. I am a long time slr user mostly Nikons. I still use them a lot but I find RF a very exciting medium specially in lowlight. After using the VC for a few months, I got myself a Nikon RF which I have been lusting for many many years.
we should have a count or roll call or something haha

Mabuhay! Just joined, long time stalker of the forums though.

Living abroad at the moment, but return when i can to visit friends and family in the islands. I hope to do some street shots next time i return, bit scared regarding the whole airport x-ray vs. camera film issue though (might just develop before i leave then).

Hi Guys

Hi Guys

I'm not sure if all of you still are active in this site. Kelan lang ako nahilig sa RFs when my dad got me a yashica electro35. Since then I've been around the web looking for RF enlightenment. Just last week I bought a FED-5 from an antique shop here in Vietnam, pina-align ko muna yung RF kasi hindi mag-tagpo yung split image eh. Fancy finding you guys here. Found you all here because of Jay's Soviet Camera site. Apir!
1st post here in RFF! :D
Most of the Filipinos here pala are on the Rfilipinas website hehehe :D
But it is still good to see an international view of Rangefinders and analog photography :)
I'm not Filipino either, but my fiancee is and she's a rangefinder user. I love Bayan Cafe on E. 45rd btwn. 2nd & 3rd Ave. Check it out guys.